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New Samurai Art

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Samurai Swords & Sword Bags
Prints by Charles Strong
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On this page we list all of the main products we offer. Please check in often because we frequently update our product line with new items.

         Prints by Charles Strong
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'Warrior' by Charles Strong
Prices have been Reduced!
Prints by Charles Strong are on 11"X14" heavy weight, long color retention, Matt Presentation Paper - suitable for framing. Also available pre-framed in Black Wood Contemporary Frames with protective glass.

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Charles Strong at his studio in Taos


New Samurai Art - Martial Arts Prints on 8" X 10" or 11" X 14", heavy weight, long color retention, Matt Presentation Paper. Suitable for framing.

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"Iron Samurai"

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Prices have been reduced!
Prints of New Samurai Art on 8"X10" or 11"X14" heavy weight, long color retention, Matt Presentation Paper - suitable for framing. Also available pre-framed in Black Wood Contemporary Frames with protective glass.

Available: Black Wood Contemporary Frames with Glass Covers.

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Group picture: Testing of 01 30 11. Photo by Sergie Kaikov

Group of students with Swashers (TM)

American Hard Style Student During Joint Demo with Taiko Group. Photo by Charles Strong

American Hard Style Student. Photo by Sensei Gene Starkey

Samurai Swords
CAS Hanwei by Paul Chen & Other Weapons with Steel Blades. CAS Hanwei Swords are Fine Weapons with an Excellent Reputation! Please check them out!
American Hard Style ( Founder: Robert Thomas Chang). Space-age aluminum Katana & Wakizashi. Quality products made in the U.S. in limited quantities. Excellent for demos & practice!

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Paul Chen Practical Katana #PC1070 (live blade)

CAS Hanwei by Paul Chen Swords & Other CAS Hanwei Products.
We can furnish most CAS Hanwei by Paul Chen products, including the Raptor Series swords. If you do not find what you are looking for please email us with the CAS Hanwei part number & a brief description. We will email back with our pricing for this item. We have a license to sell CAS Hanwei products so all sales of these products are legal. Also, we feature free shipping within the U.S.A.
Credit Card Buyers:  Check out with PayPal by Clicking on "Add to Cart". Then when you have finished buying, click on "Proceed to Checkout". Then you will enter the PayPal screen. Then choose Credit Card Payment. It's that simple.
Delivery of CAS Hanwei products may take 10 days to 2 weeks.
Note: Buyer must be at least 18 years of age and able to prove so on request.

American Hard Style Swords & Sword Bags.
American Hard Style space-age Aluminum Katana & Wakizashi. Items can be found on Samurai Swords page. Also, Please Check Out our Inventory Reduction Sale for Really Big Savings!

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American Hard Style ultra-lightweight Space-age aluminum sword. Not sharp. Great for demos etc.

We have a few High Quality Sword Bags. Made of sturdy cloth. Bags are New & in Excellent Condition. Bags are Katana length and will hold one of your Special Katanas. Protect your investment with a smart looking sword bag.

Prices have been Reduced & Check Out the Inventory Reduction Sale!

Quality Knives by Cold Steel & Gerber, two companies with excellent reputations that make great knives! 

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Cold Steel CS27TLTH: Recon 1 Tanto Folder

We have a limited number of quality knives. In addition, we can furnish knives by several different manufacturers & pass them along a great prices. We can furnish knives by  Emerson, MicroTech, Ka-bar, Ontario, Mission, SOG, Columbia River, Colt, Spyderco and Smith & Wesson.


Currently the knives we feature are by Cold Steel & Gerber, two companies that make very good knives and have excellent reputations.


If you are interested in a knife that is not featured please send us an email with the name of the manufacturer and the part number. We will email back with a price.


We have a license to sell these knives so our sales of knives are legal.


Note: Most shipments of knives will take about two weeks.


Free shipping!


Swashers TM
Premier Padded Sparring Weapons
(Foam Swords) Now with Wrapped Handles at the Same Prices! (Katana & Wakizashi)

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Swashers (TM), Katana & Wakizashi, both black
Prices have been Reduced!

The Swasher TM is a considerable improvement over previous padded swords for use in safe sparring. It has a wedge shaped cross section, that approximates a single edge sword, and is rigid enough that blocks and thrusts can be made without the weapon buckling excessively on contact.


Swashers TM are light and flexible enough so that they are safe to use. Plus: They wear very well & can take a lot of abuse.


Now with Traditional Wrapped Handles on the Katana & Wakizashi at no increase in Price!


Colors are Blue, Silver, Red & Black. Other colors are available by request.


A limited number of Blue & Silver Swashers with older Non Traditional Wrapped Handles have been added to SALE: Inventory Reduction. Go to Swasher Page to view, or to buy, go to Home Page & select SALE: Inventory Reduction or go to Side Bar and select SALE: Inventory Reduction.

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Swashers (TM) have an edge to simulate single edge blades


INFO/BUY: Swashers


"One who learns to master the sword after long years also learns to master the self."

  Miyamoto Musashi




"A man with deep far insight will survey both the beginning and the end of a situation and continually consider its every facet as important."

                                            Ancient Samurai writing


Niwot CO, USA


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